Let's get technical: Handlinked toes

One of the technical aspects that set Fortis Green socks apart is our choice to use a hand linking process for our sock’s toe seam. Our Portuguese manufacturers are one of only a small number of factories that can offer this process, the result of which is a flat, seamless-feel join at the toe. 

When socks come out of the knitting machine they are tubular and need to be ‘closed’ at the toe. Many sock brands use an automatic machine linker, which essentially lays the two ends of the open sock on top of each other and stitches it with nylon, leaving a bulbous raised seam that can rub against the front of your foot and become very uncomfortable. To create a flat seamless feel at the toe, Fortis Green socks are closed one thread at a time. It may look easy but it's an extremely skilled manual process to close a sock by hand linking the stitches using just one single thread. 

Fortis Green is committed to producing “affordable luxury” men’s accessories. Our socks will never be mass-produced, nor will we cut corners in the manufacturing process to increase our bottom line.