Fortis Green sock knitting

Fortis Green produce luxury men's socks designed in Melbourne and made exclusively for us in Portugal. 

What makes our socks so unique?

Mercerised Cotton

Fortis Green socks utilise luxurious Egyptian cotton of impeccable provenance. Our cotton is then mercerised. The mercerisation process expands the cotton fibre and the final result is a yarn of unrivalled durability, colour saturation and moisture absorption that will not shrink or pill. 

Seamless Toes

In an intricate process, the toe of each individual Fortis Green sock is manually ‘closed’ to create a completely flat, seamless finish. Each individual thread is woven together by hand. This laborious process results in superior, seamless comfort for the wearer.

Fine Gauge Knit

Our socks are constructed using 200 needle count knitting machines to produce more durable, yet finer socks. The higher gauge allows for better fitting, luxuriously comfortable and longer lasting socks.

Hole Proof

We reinforce our heels and toes with extra yarn for hole proof longevity. When combined with the superior strength and durability of mercerised cotton our socks are guaranteed to last.

Gentle Cuff

Our generous single ribbed cuffs are designed to gently grip the calf for a more comfortable wear and better circulation while the design and construction method results in a sock that won't fall down. 

Non Shrink

Fortis Green socks will not shrink due to our textile composition. Our socks will continue to fit the same as they did on the first day. We recommend following washing instructions  for ultimate longevity.