Fortis Green pride ourselves on manufacturing some of the best quality socks in the world and we want our customers to get as much enjoyment and longevity out of them as possible.


  • We recommend all of our mercerised cotton socks are cared for as follows to extend the lifespan of your purchase:
  • Please wash at 40c or under
  • The use of a tumble dryer may lesson the life of your socks. This is due to the nature of the fine yarns that have been used.
  • Do not Bleach, Iron or Dry-Clean
  • We recommend using colour safe detergents on our socks to ensure that their colour remains constant for as long as possible.
  • Wash your socks inside-out to keep a pristine outer appearance and wash them in as low a temperature as possible. 
  • If you do find a loose thread after several washes, you are safe to carefully snip it off as it will be purely aesthetic and it not affect the integrity of your socks
  • If you keep your socks in pairs, excessive ’balling up’ or ‘fold over’ of the socks will damage the fibres in the yarns, leading to additional stretch to the rib-top which can lead to premature wear. We recommend that paired socks are simply folded together, rolled and placed in your sock drawer.

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