• Let's Get Technical: Mercerised Cotton

    A majority of sock brands construct their product using basic combed cotton, but for Fortis Green, the choice was simple: our cotton must be mercerised. While a large portion of our buyers are aware that mercerised cotton is superior, we've had several queries asking about the whys and wherefore's behind our choice.

    The practice of mercerising cotton involves expanding newly harvested cotton through a series of solution washes before it is dyed and spun - a technique invented as far back as 1844. The resulting fibres become stronger, more durable and more capable of taking on dye. While the resulting yarn has unrivalled colour saturation and a lustrous appearance, more importantly, the expanded mercerised fibres will then not shrink or fade. We have also taken the optional last step of 'gassing the thread'. In this process the thread passes over an open flame, incinerating stray fibres. The result is a finished sock that will never pill.

  • Fortis Green Fundamentals: 200 Needle Count

    Fortis Green utilises the most advanced manufacturing processes in order to produce some of the finest quality socks on the market. This includes the use of 200 gauge knitting machines.

    Higher needle count knitting machines produce durable, yet finer socks (the lower the needle count, the thicker and coarser the sock) and the fine gauge ultimately allows for better fitting, luxuriously comfortable socks.

  • Design Inspiration: The Green Chevron Stripe Sock by Fortis Green

    The Fortis Green chevron stripe pattern dress sock in Green is inspired by the Art Deco colour palette of artist Nicolás Martínez Ortiz and his 1934 poster for the Exhibition of Industry and Commerce, Bilbao.  
  • How To Wear Burgundy Socks

    Despite always wanting to look our best, the reality is that most of us don’t have the time or an obsessive passion for fashion to devote time to pre-planning our daily ensemble. Luckily, introducing a splash of sophisticated style into our wardrobe can be as easy as adding an accent colour such as burgundy. No matter what you call it…maroon, port, wine or oxblood, this masculine shade is perfectly balanced on the sartorial scale between versatile neutral and statement tone.
  • Festival Of Steve 2018

    One of Melbourne's oldest and most exclusive members-only clubs, the Kelvin Club will be open to the public on Saturday the 2nd June to celebrate the annual Festival of Steve.

    Melbourne's 'day of the modern man' highlights some of the city's best boutique brands including designers, retailers, purveyors of classic merchandise, stylists and outfitters to rejoice in being a thoroughly modern gentleman.

  • Design Inspiration: The Grey Microcheck Sock by Fortis Green

    Fortis Green’s micro check patterned dress sock in grey is inspired by the art deco colour palette of Edward McKnight Kauffer’s 1931 travel poster, ‘Play between 6 and 12, the brightest hours’.

    Published by the London Underground Electric Railways, Kauffer’s design illustrates early examples of airbrushing and photomontage, highlighting the artist’s incorporation of constructivism and surrealist techniques. 
  • Design Inspiration: The Burgundy Zig Zag Sock by Fortis Green

    The Fortis Green burgundy Zig Zag pattern sock was inspired by the 1935 Art Deco poster for the Hamburg America shipping line designed by artist Omar Anton.


  • Editorial Feature: Giftguide

    Socks are often seen as a last-minute stocking stuffer, but Fortis Green founder Ray Willmoth is determined to transform them into a luxury gift item.

    “We are a beautiful way for stores to add a luxury product to their gift selection at a price point that customers can easily justify,” says Willmoth. “Fortis Green socks add a beautiful pop of colour to in-store merchandising displays and we are equally popular with both male and female customers.

    “As the brand continues to grow, we are firmly focused on making Fortis Green name synonymous with luxury men’s socks.”

    Read the full story:

  • Fortis Green Fundamentals: Hand linked Toes

    Fortis Green’s hand linked toes are just one of the technical aspects that set our socks apart from other labels. Our men’s dress socks are manufactured in Portugal where, in an intricate process, each individual sock is manually ‘closed’ at the toe to create a completely flat, seamless finish.
  • Editorial Feature: The Weekend Edition

    Sometimes wearing a suit every day can be a bit of a drag. Sure, a good suit never goes out of style but you really have to put some effort in to make it pop day in and day out. The easiest way to imbue a bit of flair into your outfit is with a jazzy sock, and Fortis Green makes some of the funkiest socks around, combining eye-catching patterns with luxurious Egyptian cotton.
  • The inspiration for our new 'Baton' pattern sock

    Eric Liddell (1902 –1945) was a Scottish athlete, rugby union international player, and missionary, who chose his ideals over competing in the 100 metre Olympic heats where he was favoured to win a Gold medal. 
  • How to style your colourful and pattern socks

    Many men can be intimidated about taking sartorial risks, thinking it’s an approach best left to the experts. Experimenting with improving your day-to-day style is something that’s certainly not for the faint of heart, but if you’re keen to inject a touch of personality into an existing wardrobe, your socks can be a great place to start making these changes (literally working from the ground up).