Fortis Green Fundamentals: 200 Needle Count

Fortis Green utilises the most advanced manufacturing processes in order to produce some of the finest quality socks on the market. This includes the use of 200 gauge knitting machines.

Higher needle count knitting machines produce durable, yet finer socks (the lower the needle count, the thicker and coarser the sock) and the fine gauge ultimately allows for better fitting, luxuriously comfortable socks.

Knitting Machine

When we talk about needle count, we’re referring to the number of needles inside the cylindrical hosiery machine. This in turn relates back to the number of stitches used around the leg of each sock.

The diameter of a knitting machine cylinder is fixed, so the greater the number of knitting needles within that cylinder, the more dense yet finer the weave of the sock. For a 200 needle machine, the knitting cylinder holds 200 very thin knitting needles that are 1/50th of an inch thick.

Fortis Green combine the use of 200 needle knitting machines with our choice of high quality Mercerised Egyptian Cotton yarn to create Fine Gauge socks that are not only hard wearing, but light, bright and breathable. 

Many sock brands produce their men’s hosiery on knitting machines with only a low gauge (96 needle) or mid gauge needle count (132-180 needle) meaning that your Fortis Green socks are finer yet stronger than a majority of socks on the market due to the density of the stitching. The denser the sock, the more refined they feel and the more comfortable your sock is on the foot.

Just as it is with luxury bed sheets with a high thread count, our choice of a superior Egyptian cotton combined with the use of a 200 needle knitting machine results in a superior final product that will wear exceptionally well over time.