Fortis Green Fundamentals: Hand linked Toes

What are hand linked toes

Fortis Green’s hand linked toes are just one of the technical aspects that set our socks apart from other labels. Our men’s dress socks are manufactured in Portugal where, in an intricate process, each individual sock is manually ‘closed’ at the toe to create a completely flat, seamless finish.

Only expert knitters using specialist equipment can complete the unique method of hand linking that Fortis Green employs. Manual hand linking is a time consuming task when compared to the completely automated joining process used by most sock brands. The end result for a majority of sock labels is a bulbous and uncomfortable seam that can rub on the wearer’s toes.

In contrast, the hand linking or “stitch by stitch” method involves each individual thread woven together by hand using a hand-linking machine. This laborious process results in superior, seamless comfort for the wearer.

Fortis Green remains committed to producing high quality, technically advanced men’s dress socks with an equal emphasis on design, materials and construction.


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