Fortis Green Stockist Profile - Grand Hatters

Both Chris and Craig, co-founders of Grand Hatters, boast over three decades of high end men's fashion experience under each of their stylish belts. Grand Hatters showcases some of the finest in internationally sourced headwear in their character filled store at 357 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Grand Hatters

Alongside their collection of stunning chapeaus by iconc brand such as Akubra, Brixton and Stetson you’ll find a beautifully curated range of high end men’s accessories including Alpaca scarves, cufflinks by Seroussi, Deerskin and Lambskin gloves by Aaron Cheung and of course, a full selection of our fine Fortis Green socks.

According to co-owner, Craig Cochrane, “You have to be confident in what you wear and more often than not, whether it’s denim or dinner suit, it’s the hat that makes your outfit and makes a statement about your personal style”

Grand Hatters


Fortis Green socks alongside Aaron Cheung Gloves at Grand Hatters store

Grand Hatters retail Fortis Green socks alongside hats by Stetson, Brixton and Akubra

Aaron Cheung gloves Fortis Green socks and Seroussi cufflinks at Grand Hatters store 357 Little Bourke Street Melbourne Victoria

Grand Hatters store 357 Little Bourke Street Melbourne Victoria Australia