How To Wear Burgundy Socks

Despite always wanting to look our best, the reality is that most of us don’t have the time or an obsessive passion for fashion to devote to pre-planning our daily ensemble. Luckily, introducing a splash of sophisticated style into our wardrobe can be as easy as adding an accent colour such as burgundy.

No matter what you call it…maroon, port, wine or oxblood, this masculine shade is perfectly balanced on the sartorial scale between versatile neutral and statement tone.

Fortis Green Zig Zag Pattern Socks in Burgundy

Fortis Green pattern socks in Burgundy Zig Zags perfectly paired with chocolate brown brogues and textured olive green trousers 

Subtle and refined, a man wearing burgundy exudes an air of self-assurance. An excellent colour choice for trans-seasonal dressing, this colour isn’t too bold or as ‘out there’ as brighter red tones can be, making it the perfect colour for men who wish to experiment with their style but are limited by a traditional workplace dress code, budgetary constraints or for those who wish to convey classic, understated style.

Accents in burgundy can tie together most of the individual items in your existing wardrobe, working just as well with black, navy, beige, grey, khaki or camel tones. Socks in this rich, deep shade of red match easily with traditional suiting, dress pants or denim.

Fortis Green chunky boot socks in burgundy stripes

Fortis Green's Burgundy Stripe Boot Socks add the perfect pop of colour with casual denim and classic trainers

Simply adding a burgundy accessory such as a plain or patterned sock can add a whole new dimension to your outfit. Socks with even a hint of burgundy match easily with black, chocolate, mid-brown or tan leather footwear.

Traditionally worn to formal events in Victorian England, burgundy’s illustrious history continues to add a sense of sophistication to men’s everyday wardrobes and has been spotted this season on the catwalks of brands such as Hermes, Paul Smith and Lanvin.

Burgundy’s diversity means that it sits comfortably between contemporary and classic, allowing the wearer to feel both comfortable and cool at the same time.

Fortis Green Fine Stripe Pattern Sock in Burgundy

Fortis Green socks in Burgundy Fine Stripes worn with shell Cordovan leather boots for the perfect smart casual look

Fortis Green’s range of burgundy socks come in a variety of different styles, designed to work equally well with solid colours or patterned clothing. You may even choose to match your burgundy socks with a second accessory, such as a tie, pocket square or winter scarf.

If you want to take your style to the next level, there are a few tricks and techniques to bear in mind when matching your socks to your wardrobe. We believe that the key to success is either choosing tones in a similar palette, such as charcoal or navy, or experimenting with contrasting statement colours.

If you’re thinking of playing with bolder, patterned socks, keep in mind that the easiest way to introduce a pattern is to pair it back with a neutral base such as black, grey or navy trousers. These will become an anchor point and allow you to become more experimental with your accessory choices.  

Fortis Green pattern socks in burgundy check

Fortis Green pattern socks in Burgundy Checks work well with lighter tones such as tan brogues and a light grey suit 

Having a variety of colour and pattern socks in your wardrobe allows you to create a number of different outfits, and is a more affordable option than adding pairs of shoes, pants or suits.

Fortis Green suggests adding burgundy socks to your wardrobe this season.

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