• Editorial Feature: Vanity Socks

    Vanity socks is the go-to website for sock aficionados and this week, they take an in-depth look at Fortis Green's crowdfunding origins and our br...
  • Fortis Green Fundamentals: Our Choice of Cotton

    A majority of sock brands construct their product using basic combed cotton, but for Fortis Green, the choice was simple: our cotton must be mercerised. While a large portion of our buyers are aware that mercerised cotton is superior, we've had several queries asking about the whys and wherefore's behind our choice.

    The practice of mercerising cotton involves expanding newly harvested cotton through a series of solution washes before it is dyed and spun - a technique invented as far back as 1844. The resulting fibres become stronger, more durable and more capable of taking on dye. While the resulting yarn has unrivalled colour saturation and a lustrous appearance, more importantly, the expanded mercerised fibres will then not shrink or fade. We have also taken the optional last step of 'gassing the thread'. In this process the thread passes over an open flame, incinerating stray fibres. The result is a finished sock that will never pill.

  • Commonsense Luxury: Why Invest In Quality Socks

    Over the past decade, there has been a welcome return for many men to the concept of investing in select, quality items over the purchasing of throwaway “fast fashion”. The cycle for men has come full circle and there is a newfound appreciation for clothing and accessories that are classic in style and manufactured to a standard that will withstand long term wear.

    But an investment in quality doesn’t always mean spending a lot more. It can be as simple as doing a bit of research into a product before purchasing – even on an item as seemingly straightforward as a pair of socks.

  • Menske AW15

    We've just had a great weekend at the Menske Winter 2015 men's project at Melbourne's Allpress Studio.

    Menswear designer Courtney Holm has put together a concept for promoting likeminded men's brands and bringing them all together under the one roof  - from independent menswear designers to men's lifestyle and accessories brands, boutique Australian beer producers to artists, musicians and DJ's, it's a three day event where the best in local men's brands are showcased all together at Allpress Roastery's light-filled studio space.

    A special thanks to Giuseppe from Men In This Town for inviting Fortis Green's founder Ray Willmoth to take part in his MITT studio talk on Saturday alongside leather goods designer and maker Tom from Farrah Life Equipment and contemporary menswear designer Blair from Blair Archibald where the panel discussed the pros and cons of running your own creative brand from Australia and the state of Australian men's fashion today.

  • Design Inspiration: The Green Block Sock

    Fortis Green's 'Lewis' green block colour sock is inspired by artist Adolphe Edouard Mouron's 1935 Art Deco poster for the luxury ocean liner SS Normandie, advertising its new transatlantic route from Le Havre in France to New York City. The collection of Art Deco posters Fortis Green has used as inspiration for our first season sock range all centre around a common theme - the luxury and elegance of a new world opened up by the possibility of international travel and early 20th Century society's embracing of the new machine age.
  • Festival of Steve 2015

     Fortis Green introduced itself to the men of Melbourne after being invited to take part in the third annual 'Festival of Steve' last weekend. Show...

    We’re pleased to be able to let you all know that our UK based Kickstarter backers have started to receive their Fortis Green pledges and we expec...
  • Design Inspiration: The Burgundy Block Sock

    The Fortis Green 'Burgundy Block' men's dress sock was inspired by the 1935 Art Deco poster 'Fly British across the world' for Qantas Empire Airway...
  • Kickstarter: Production Update

    Production on our full collection of Fortis Green dress socks is on schedule with our Portuguese factory and our first order is due for completion...
  • Editorial Feature: Man of Many

    Since the global financial crisis, there’s been a welcome return for many guys to the concept of investing in select quality items over the purchase of throwaway “fast fashion”. The cycle for men has come full circle and there’s a newfound appreciation for clothing and accessories that are classic in style and manufactured to a standard that will withstand long term wear. 

  • Kickstarter: Concludes

    What a ride it's been!  A huge thank-you to all our backers. We reached over 300% of our target goal and the response and level of engagement has ...
  • Design Inspiration: The Navy Block Sock

    The Fortis Green 'Navy Block' sock is based on the Joseph Binder 1939 artwork for the 'New York World's fair, the world of tomorrow'. This classic two tone blue mercerised cotton sock steers away from being ho hum with its subtle yet striking pink and yellow accents.